ChondroArt is Educell’s first cell therapy product that uses an autologous chondrocyte suspension to treat cartilage lesions. Through years of continuous development, the ChondroArt product has evolved and improved in treatment efficiency and application technique. The 4th generation product, called ChondroArt MSC, employs mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow aspirate for the treatment of osteochondral/chondral lesions. To date, over 500 patients have been treated with ChondroArt products.

Product generations
ChondroArt 1D: suspension of autologous hyaline chondrocytes.
ChondorART 2D: autologous hyaline chondrocytes seeded onto a collagen scaffold
ChondroArt 3D: autologous hyaline chondrocytes encapsulated in alginate-agarose hydrogel
ChondroArt MSC: bone marrow aspirate concentrate rich in autologous mesenchymal stem cells seeded onto a biomimetic cell scaffold

the ChondroArt MSC product is applied as a fraction of mesenchymal stem cells in combination with a biomimetic scaffold that allows the fixation of the implanted cells at the site of the chondral/osteochondral lesion. Implantation of the cell preparation requires a mini-arthrotomy.


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