AdipoArt is a proprietary solution for obtaining large numbers of autologous stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells from lipoaspirate. The isolation process takes approximately one hour and results in 1–4 x 10^6 MSCs in a cell suspension ready for implantation (e.g., intra-articular injection, intra-tissue injection). The administered cells are expected to reduce inflammation and pain and contribute to the regeneration of injured tissue.

Osteoarthritis: SVF cells are administered by intra-articular injection for treating of osteoarthritis. AdipoART may improve pain and inflammatory processes within joints.


Autoimmune rheumatologic diseases: AdipoART may improve inflammatory processes in fingers and toes of patients with rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.


Periodontal disease: AdipoART preparation is mixed with a fat graft or injected directly into damaged tissue. The osteogenic and angiogenic potential of cells within AdipoART promotes bone regeneration.


Dermatology: AdipoART is used as an intradermal injection in or around post-operative suture line for the prevention of scar tissue.


Aesthetic procedures: In cell-assisted lipofilling, an AdipoART cell suspension is mixed with fat graft or injected directly. Addition of various cell progenitors may increase graft survival.


Gastroenterology: AdipoART can be used to treat perianal fistulas to stimulate tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation.


Chronic wounds: AdipoART can stimulate tissue regeneration and facilitate wound closure.


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