Applicative research projects

Applicative & Translational research projects

Since the beginning of company’s foundation, various research and development projects are being performed. Human cells’ responses in various environmental conditions or presence of new biomaterials are studied within different applicative projects. Nevertheless, within translational projects cell therapy products for treating patients are being developed. 

Selected EU funding projects:

Within the project, novel biomaterials for dental implants that prevent biofilm formation will be developed and tested in vitro and in vivo. Our role is cytotoxicity and functional testing using cell-based assays.

Project duration: 1. 12. 2022 – 31. 5. 2027

The project is based on the development of a biobased antiviral/antimicrobial coating platform for high traffic surfaces and textiles. Our role within the international consortium is cytotoxicity testing of developed coatings using human skin primary cell cultures.

Project duration: 1. 9. 2022 – 31. 8. 2026

The aim of the project was the development of antibiofilm coatings for dental and orthopaedic implants as biofilm associated infections represent an increasing problem for healthcare. Educell performed in vitro testing of new coatings.

Project duration: 1. 1. 2012 – 31. 12. 2015

Intervertebral disc degeneration causes back pain which affects the quality of life in a large part of the population and poses huge economic and social burdens. Our role within the project was to investigate possibilities for disc repair using cell therapy approach.

Project duration: 1. 3. 2008 – 28. 2. 2013

Selected National funding projects:

The aim of the Adipocell project is the development of a medical device for MSC isolation from adipose tissue that could be used in an operational theatre.

Project duration: 9. 7. 2020 – 31. 8. 2022

Within this project, extensive characterisation of our therapeutic cells will be performed in terms of purity, safety, differentiation potential, proliferation, senescence, and potency. MSCs or their secretome will also be tested in combination with SARS-CoV-2 infected epithelial cultures. Educell participates as a co-financer.

Project duration: 1. 10. 2021 – 30. 9. 2024

The aim of the project is to improve current technologies for production, downstream purification, and analytical characterisation of viral vectors. Educell participates as a co-financer.

Project duration: 1. 10. 2021 – 31. 12. 2024

A research programme covering all aspects of stem cell research, from basic science to translation of therapy into clinics in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia and the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

Project duration: 1. 1. 2009 – 31. 12. 2021