Clinical partners

POCare Activity:

Educell is working in close collaboration with Orgenesis Inc. (NASDAQ: ORGS), a leading global biotech company focused on cell and gene therapies, to establish point of care ("POCare") centers at hospitals and other medical institutions in Slovenia and other Balkan states.
POCare centers are GMP-grade processing units dedicated to cell and gene therapies placed in medical/research institutions with the goal to significantly enhance the accessibility to advanced cell and gene therapies by lowering the processing and delivery costs and eliminating the logistical and administrative challenges related to centralized manufacturing of such therapies.

Orgenesis and along with Educell plan to deploy Orgenesis Mobile Processing Units and Labs ("OMPULs") at leading hospitals for the onsite development of innovative treatments. The OMPULs are multi-purpose, mobile, autonomous good manufacturing practice (GMP) facilities used to develop, optimize, and process cell and gene therapies on site at the point of care.
In addition, Educell will become the Orgenesis global center for scaling MSC-based therapies from development through commercialization.