About us

Educell is a biotechnology company founded in 1997. We are a member of the Vincula Biotech Group, a holding company of biotech companies and hospitals. We provide patients with high-quality and safe cell therapies covering different therapeutic areas (orthopaedics, haemato-oncology, pulmonology, etc.). Cell products are prepared in a GMP-certified, high-tech laboratory to ensure the highest quality. The company´s R&D laboratory is located on-site where our years of experience and extensive knowledge form the basis for the development of new cell therapies and other products. We also offer contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) within world-class laboratories and the dedicated work of our experienced professionals ensures the success of our projects.

Corporate philosophy

ETHICS – The well-being of the patient is always of greater importance than profit.

TEAMWORK – The success of an individual is not necessarily the success of the team. Therefore, we strive for team success, which also leads to successful individuals.

PROFESSIONALISM – Preparing safe and effective ATMPs is like solving a giant puzzle. Each employee holds unique pieces. Everyone helps in solving the puzzle.

TRUST – All team members trust the products we create. Each one of us would take our own products to regain our health if needed.

Clinical partners

Strategic partners