The future is now

Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality and tomorrow’s memories.
At Educell, we are committed to evolution and continual development at the convergence of life sciences, medicine, the pharma industry, and ethics. Starting in 1997 and for almost a quarter of a century since, generations of Educell researchers and developers have been educating not only professionals and the general public but, above all — ourselves. By following our dreams and sharing them with humankind, we are developing new advanced therapies and providing them to those who need them. All our work is based on core ethical values that are the foundation of all that Educell does and is committed to.
Dreaming allowed!

Contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO)

Educell is a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) operating in the field of cell-based therapeutics. The development of our own products, which have been successfully employed in clinics, provided us with crucial knowledge and experience that can be employed in future projects. We are collaborating with a strategic partner for the development of point-of-care (POC) networks, cell- and gene-based therapeutics, and technological platforms for use in cancer immunotherapy.

The production of cell preparations takes place in clean rooms designed and maintained according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Class B clean rooms are equipped with laminar airflow hoods (cleanliness class A) in which key production steps take place. During the entire production process, we ensure quality control of intermediate and final products in accordance with the guidelines and the European Pharmacopoeia.


Strategic partners